Go With the Flow Energy Medicine


Go With the Flow Energy Medicine
Go With the Flow, Energy Medicine, provides Energy Medicine Sessions and Training to individuals and groups to empower them to bring health, joy and vitality into our lives!
The use of energy medicine began well over 5000 years ago with Chinese medicine and other traditional and cultural healing practices. These practices include techniques from time-honored traditions such as acupuncture, kinesiology, qi gong, shamanism and yoga. Some of these energy systems include what you may know as the Aura, Chakras, Meridians or Radiant circuits. Learn more about Eden Energy Medicine, our energy medicine sessions and energy medicine training. Contact us to sign up or for more information.
Energy medicine focuses on you as a whole complex person, knowing and understanding that all of the body's systems need to be working optimally and communicating efficiently in order to achieve the greatest health possible. The goal of energy medicine is to maintain the balance in your energy systems leading to optimal health, joy and vitality.
Why try energy medicine?
It is a proactive practice that is used to activate the body's natural healing abilities a send maintain wellness. Try it for yourself, feel the empowerment of working with your emotional, mental and physical energies to heal or improve your life.
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of common illnesses
  • Reduces aches and pains from new or chronic illnesses or injuries
  • Can reduce fatigue and keep your energy flowing throughout the day
  • Reduces allergies and Improves sleep
  • Manage the impact of cancer, and the effects of chemotherapy
  • Creates deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment with life, Improve overall health, longevity and Joy
  • Keeps your brain's energy flowing for healthy memory, and mental acuity